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Product Integration Services PLC’s and UAV

Our domain knowledge in Mission critical system like Cryogenic Engine Test Beds and C&I system of Nuclear Power Plants , gives a great edge in understanding the Automation requirements of our customers and in turn provide a Automation solution which will meet their requirements effectively and efficiently.

We offer PLC systems of B&R, SIEMENS and other makes to ensure that the PLCs offered, meet our customer’s requirements in the best possible way. We also provide integration services of various sensors like Temperature, Vibration, Pressure, Flow, etc., along with signal conditioning to create a complete system of Data Acquisition and Control along with the PLC modules

Some of the projects to mention are CRYOGENIC Engine Test Jig, PLC based Hydraulic Rig Controller for Aero Engines ,PLC Based Health Monitoring System for Aero Engines


The UAV can be used for the following application and can be integrated with the mentioned payloads and Sensors..


  • Forest surveillance
  • Disaster Management
  • Urban area monitoring & surveillance
  • Sea and port monitoring & surveillance
  • Aerial photography
  • Remote sensing applications
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline monitoring

UAV Payloads and Sensors

  • Still Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Direction Cameras
  • Plan Cameras
  • Rotating Cameras
  • Gyrostabilising Cameras
  • Infrared Scanner Cameras