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Manufacturing / Product Testing – Build to print - Spectrum

Manufacturing / Product Testing – Build to print - Spectrum

We enable customers in realizing their custom embedded products from Architecture, Design, Engineering, Development, Qualification, Prototyping and Manufacturing.

We build products involving censors, actuators & Control on Linux platform, our products meet qualification and certification requirements as per customer needs.

We have a team of technical experts adept in precisely identifying client needs, recommending end to end solutions .We have experience in board design, FPGA, CPLD, DSP, Embedded Software, Application software and Enclosure design and styling.


We have collaboration with the major Certification bodies like UL, CE and Hazloc, Military, Nuclear and Medical Standards which provides added value for our customer's to market their products overseas.


We adopt and practice Lean Manufacturing techniques, as recommended by MSME – Government of India.

Testing Services

You can avail a variety of Testing Services based on the Stage of Design that your product is in or on basis of your project requirements. We can provide Turnkey end V&V and Testing services, as well as customized testing services based on you requirements. Our expertise in designing a variety of embedded products and building custom Test Jigs for all the products that we Designed & Developed , brings in a lot of value addition in terms of understanding the your testing requirements and recommending the exact mix of testing services to suit your requirements.

Testing Services offered:

  1. System Architecture verification
  2. Board design verification
    1. Block diagram to Schematics
    2. Schematics to Gerber
    3. Signal Integrity & Thermal Analysis
    4. Gerber to Board
    5. B.O.M to Assembled Board
  3. Testing Strategy Development
    1. Test Plan & Procedure
    2. Test Jig Design & Development
    3. Test Jig Manufacturing
    4. Test Software development
    5. Calibration
  4. Board Functional Testing
    1. Fully automated
    2. Semi automated
    3. Manual
  5. Software & Firmware Loading
  6. Component Inspection
  7. Module wise testing
  8. Integration Testing
  9. Testing to prove the design
  10. Documentation
    1. Test Reports
    2. Inspection reports
    3. B.O.M to board verification report
    4. Gerber to board verification report
  11. Qualification tests (UL, CE)
  12. EMI/EMC and Environmental tests