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Industrial Automation

In this age of cut throat competition and global outsourcing scenario, it's a great challenge for industries to maintain high product quality and high manufacturing productivity along with high margins for the products. Cost cutting exercises have become day to day routine rather than once in while exercises. Automation of various processes in an industry is a must now, but what is more important is the reliability and cost effectiveness of the Industrial Automation Solutions.

We have realized that our customer don't just want any automation solutions at cheaper cost but what they really want are very reliable, compatible and highly flexible solutions at lower cost. They want these systems to be flexible enough to accommodate the company's future technology requirements and other expansion requirements. The demands for reliability of these systems have been very high as in the long run a reliable system will ensure lower maintenance cost and above all will ensure the manufacturing targets are not affected and in effect reducing a great deal of missed sales and opportunities for the customer.

Thus we have developed our expertise such that we always provide solutions which are very reliable, compatible with customer's various processes, flexible enough to meet their future requirements and costs a lot less.

The various industrial automation solutions provided by us are:

  1. Data Acquisition system
  2. Scalable Data Acquisition Systems 8 channel & 24 Channel
  3. Thickness gauging system

The products or the solutions developed for customers in industrial automation sectors include the development of hardware and software involving the sensors, actuators, controllers, networking and operator interface for both process and discrete manufacturing industries. Different types of data acquisition systems are also developed for semiconductors equipment manufacturers.

We have the experience of providing reengineering services in the Automotive and control systems industries. Our expertise is in providing one stop embedded solutions to our customers belonging to different industries.