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The most challenging area of catering to Military and Aerospace domain is the complexity of the Electronic Systems requirements of the customers and meeting the stringent Military and Aerospace standards of these systems. We have gained a great deal of quality experience and knowledge of the standards to be followed and the system complexity to be expected in the Military and Aerospace domain by catering to these industries for over 10 years.

We provide a variety of custom solutions to major defense research & development labs of India. Most of these electronic systems are being used in weapon systems and battle vehicles of the Indian Defense establishment. The electronic systems are rugged and very reliable in battle scenarios and meet the highly demanding Military Standards. We not only adhere to these requirements but also provide upgraded versions of these systems to our customers.

Another major contribution of SATTVA eTECH to the Defense Establishment of India is to carry out Re engineering projects on various electronic systems used in Fighter Ships. We are in the midst of upgrading various electronic systems, which are more than 20 years old and are in need to be upgraded from legacy system to the most modern technology system.

The various projects delivered to Military and Aerospace domains are:

  • Encryption Engine interface board
  • Generator control units (5 Kw & 10 Kw)
  • Electro Mechanical Linear Actuator